Assignment of Benefits

24 02, 2017


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In The Construction Guys, Inc. a/a/o Micciulli v. United Property & Casualty Insurance Company, the plumbing contractor filed suit against the insurance company seeking benefits for repairs made on behalf of United’s insured. The Construction Guys, Inc. claimed to have standing as an assignee of the Insured but the document on which suit was […]

7 07, 2016

Assignees Continue to Defeat Assignees

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Congratulations to Olympus Insurance Company on a summary judgment ruling in its favor in Lake County. In The Kidwell Group, LLC d/b/a Air Quality Assessors of Florida a/a/o Colleen Farmer v. Olympus Insurance Company, Plaintiff alleged standing based upon an assignment of benefits executed by the insured after the insured initially executed an assignment […]

12 02, 2016

Fourth DCA Affirms St. Johns’ AOB Summary Judgment Based on Homestead Exemption – Without Opinion

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Congratulations go out to St. Johns Insurance Company for their appellate victory based on Florida’s Homestead Exemption.  In One Call Property Services, Inc. a/a/o Carl & June Schlanger v. St. Johns Ins. Co., the Fourth DCA affirmed the trial court’s summary judgment, which invalidated the assignment of benefits secured by the contractor based on […]