Churches and Charitable Organizations Defense 

Groelle & Salmon is experienced in defending lawsuits and claims filed against churches and charitable organizations, seeking relief for alleged tortious conduct in a variety of contexts. We have successfully defended claims alleging sexual misconduct, defamation, invasion of privacy rights, tortious interference in business relationships, wrongful termination, employment discrimination, premises liability and property disputes. Claims for sexual misconduct often allege negligent hiring, supervision and/or retention of a perpetrator, who was employed by or volunteered for a church or charitable organization. At times, claimants will attempt to revive stale claims by asserting theories of equitable estoppel or repressed memory, to thwart the applicable statute of limitations. Groelle & Salmon attorneys have successfully defended against such theories, both at trial and appellate levels.

Clients successfully defended by Groelle & Salmon attorneys are: the Diocese of St. Petersburg, Florida; the Diocese of Venice, Florida; the Diocese of Gary, Indiana; the Diocese of Syracuse, New York; Church Mutual Insurance Company; Guide One Insurance Company; Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company; Adventist Risk Insurance Company; The Church of God International; The Church of God of Florida; and numerous YMCAs across the nation. Please contact F. Robert Radel, II, a Groelle & Salmon Partner, with any questions you may have pertaining to a lawsuit or claim against your church or charitable organization.