The Florida House and Senate have both passed the Citizens Property Insurance Corp. Depopulation bill (HB 1087/SB 1006) and it is headed to the Governor for signature.  This bill, which will take effect on January 1, 2016 if signed by the governor, requires that Citizens customers be notified if more than one private insurer bids, or offers, to take their policy from the Citizens pool, and requires the notice to the customer to include coverage and price information. In the past, the Citizens customer typically gets only one offer from a prospective take-out company at a time.  If the governor signs the bill into law, other terms of the legislation also take effect, including that the Citizens customer will have the right to decline receiving more than one “takeout” offer every six months.  The prospective legislation also prohibits “bait and switch” tactics, including where the private take-out company may quote one price to obtain the Citizens policy customer, and then raise the premium.  If the private insurer raises the premium by more than 10 percent, the customer can go back to Citizens within 36 months, similar to a renewal of the policy with Citizens.