One maxim remains true through these times: The longer a file remains open, the larger the indemnity.

The Florida Supreme Court is providing excellent guidance for attorneys to continue with the practice of law remotely through statewide emergency orders. Local court clerks and the different courts of appeal also issue orders concerning their specific jurisdictions. These changes also benefit the public at large as witnesses provide deposition testimony remotely. This is a helpful link from the Florida Supreme Court:

Groelle & Salmon is mindful of your litigation and claims handling obligations and deadlines. We have partnered with mediation firms, court reporters, and other vendors to continue with document reviews, examinations under oath, hearings, mediations, arbitrations, and depositions.

We continue to deliver results to shorten the life of your file. Along those lines, today we obtained an Order on Summary Judgment in a cast iron pipe case in Lee County in favor of Florida Peninsula and against a homeowner represented by Mark Nation.