Roland V. Bernal

24 02, 2017

Old Dominion Insurance Company Granted Final Summary Judgment Where Insured Compromised Subrogation Rights

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Insurance policies routinely include a condition prohibiting an insured from compromising the insurer’s rights of recovery against third parties that may have caused the damages claimed.  Such conditions impose an obligation on an insured not to compromise the insurer’s rights of recovery / subrogation rights against an at fault party.  Subrogation is the means […]

10 02, 2017

Premature Suits and Attorney’s Fees

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Those handling property insurance claims in Florida are no doubt aware of the risk that a court may require an insurer to pay an insured’s attorneys fees. Florida’s attorney fee statute provides a strong inducement for insureds and their attorneys to file suit sooner rather than later with the hopes of obtaining entitlement to […]